Sunday, May 18, 2008

all over you, all over me/the sun, the fields, the sky

The sun rubbed all over us today.
The wind with a chill to it danced around our collars.

Outside was bliss.

It was beautiful in the backyard as a family with everyone working on different projects. We worked our garden and planted today. We fixed our amazing free herb container. We made a pumpkin patch. We created. We laughed. Happiness most definitely flowed in a circular motion.
***OK! I am about to freak out in delight! I am a guest mom for DESIGN MOM this week. She is like my favorite mom ever and I am beyond honored to hang out in her divine space. Come visit this week. xo


robin ann mcintosh said...

i love the feeling of a rubbing sun : ) and i love the way you describe things. congrats on being asked to guest blog!

Anonymous said...

cool,I love pumkins

village mama said...

Peter Gabriel's 'Shaking the Tree' comes to mind for your's and our day...congrats on the guest blog gig!!

karey m. said...

ummm. i don't know how to exactly phrase this...

guest mom at design mom?

i'm at a surprising loss for words, so i will just leave you with the image of me jumping up and down for you. maybe screaming quietly. maybe a moonwalk or two.

congrats, you!

Anonymous said...

Days like this are perfect, aren't they?

And CONGRATS on your Design Mom guest mom spot, Mrs. Fabulous!!

Momo Fali said...

Amy, you are the coolest!! I love your ideas! Finn and Blaise are so, so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Wowee Zowee Batgirl! A guest spot at Design Mom is high praise (and well-deserved) indeed! Congratulations!


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