Saturday, April 5, 2008

Its gonna take plenty of money/To do it right child

Finn opened his own savings account today with dad. Finn has a large bank in his room and has become a scavenger of the family coinage lately, he has been collecting coins to give to a charity this holiday season, and is itching to be able to spend some of his birthday money. The dialogue of money has officially started. Daddy and Finn collected his loot and walked to the bank. Joe said the bank was amazing with Finn and helped him count his money and gave him a mini lesson on banking and saving. He brought home a little passbook with his name on it. Ahhh! Finn is very proud of himself today and quite thrilled at the prospect of going back to the bank as they dispense lollipops with reckless abandon.

This month we are going to start to explore money and coins in more detail. He has started to ask "how much" a quarter is and "how much" a penny is... He prefers pennies though, silly boy.
Daddy tells the story of his younger sister Sam and how their great gran would save bags of coins for them and Joe(the obvious favorite) would get the small silver bag full of five and ten pence and Sam would get the large copper one full of two pence. Sam always thought she was getting more than Joe and he still teases her about it to this day.


Rebecca (Ramblings by Reba) said...

That is SO cool! Good for Finn -- and for you!

village mama said...


Jodi said...

I heart Finn! He is sooo cute! Is he wearing a tie? OMG I just want to eat him up!


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