Sunday, April 27, 2008

But this one day/baby I can fly

We spent part of Sunday at my parents. It was easy to wander outside and explore and unwind.
The grass is greener and the space is wider and the sun always shines brighter in the country.


Our Crooked Tree said...

Looks like a great spot to hang out with the family. Finn is a superhero isn't he? ☺

Kelly O said...

What great pictures! Your boy is so adorable I could scream.

vincent said...

Isn't it nice to always have it to come back too? That is how I feel when we go out to our land for even a one hour visit... Ahhh!!! It is beautiful down this way... Beautiful, but now many jobs! :(

Anonymous said...

Isn't the country great? My kids and I love visiting my family in rural Ohio just for that very reason. LOVE. IT.

village mama said...

your mom's bike rocks, and she super rocks for biking!

Joeprah said...

Great photos. Wide open spaces are special nowadays.


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