Friday, March 21, 2008

Your head will collapse/If there's nothing in it

Free activity: take some salt and let yr kid practice writing letters or numbers or just have sensory play. It kept Finn entertained for a long time. He later brought trains, dinosaurs, and cars into the salt for play.

Our seeds are growing and looking wonderful. We have started to get more and more excited for the garden this year. We have been stomping around in the backyard looking at our small plot. Some of my best memories are attached to growing up in the thick of the Southeastern Ohio back country. I loved the freedom and wonder of nature. I love that I already knew how to drive a stick shift at 16 because I grew up on tractors. I find it sorta terrifying that I had a motorcycle when I was a kid. I am even more freaked out that my dad buzzed me round the countryside on the back of his at a very young age. I love that my mom and I would walk down to the giant gardens we had in my childhood with a salt shaker and sit and feast on tomatoes warm still from the sun. And that my grandpa would pick me up from school and bring my rabbit in the car so that I could pet him with one arm while hanging my other arm out the window of his old car, trying to catch tall weeds on the banks of their road. I spent an incredible amount of my formative years in the creek. They were really some halcyon days in there. I kind of detached from nature for a long time but am so back in the thick of it as I tap my toe against the floor in anticipation of spending the day Sunday at my parents land. I want Finn to strip his fancy church clothes off and run wild around the land. I want him to get really dirty. I think there is a big possibility that we will move down to our land we own in the country someday and build a little world. Crossing fingers that it is possible to leave the city and make it work. Someday.
I was loving reading about Blue Yonder and the ranch today. Now that is what I am talking about!


Amie Adams said...

I loved my days of playing in the woods and creeks and smelling the organic smells of my mom's gardens.

Thanks for this visual.

village mama said...

what a JOYFULL life poem these pics and your words. xo

vincent said...

I hope that your family has the most wonderful Easter ever... No matter how far we wander, we all at some point hunger for our roots... Finn will love it I am sure... Wishing you the best.

OhTheJoys said...

I love that salt idea! Thanks!


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