Monday, March 24, 2008

You should've heard just what I seen/Who do you love?

I have been prepping Finn for Spring Cleaning, talking it way up on the cool list of things to do. I fully wanted a buy-in this year so that I would have some help. And frankly, I am tired of him announcing that the house is 'real junky" and the windows have bugs that have "passed away"on them. (Where does he get this? He talks about his love for The Beatles and how some have passed away...Kook.) Finn loved having his own vinegar spray bottle and all went well until I tried to video him. He was not into being showcased today. He raged for a bit and I am just going to blame it one the 100lbs of candy he has consumed in the last 24 hours. I had a twinkling multi colored foil confetti pile around me last night as I watched a movie too. I will be glad when the chocolate is finally gone.
Random question to anyone...Where can I buy cork for making my own cork boards?

In other news: WHooo WHooo can count to 20? Finn!
And owls in other news: I so want to buy some of this!


Momo Fali said...

When Finn's work is finished at your house, please send him to mine!

village mama said...

Finn you rock!

Gen said...

oh man. The candy. I'm blaming it for the havoc in my home today.

Pandora Wilde said...

If you can't find cork at JoAnn or Michael's, maybe at a home improvement store like Lowes?

If THAT doesn't cut it maybe an office store would have it?

Anonymous said...

You can get cork on rolls at the home improvement centers... you might have to special order it, but they have the sticky squares in the store.

Patois42 said...

You must drink many bottles of wine, saving each cork. Depending on your intake, you could have a nice board -- and another kid or two -- in three years.

Unknown said...

So cute! Love his apron!


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