Sunday, March 23, 2008

I know where I'm goin'/Don't you wanna come too?

I learned to make a banner last night for Finn's room. I used fleece and bias binding and I stepped away from the machine happy. I have been moping around the sewing machine. I have been afraid to try. I just jumped in again and I created! If feels good to make. I am going to make banners for the etsy shop this week! Yahoo! I also learned to set grommets. Hallelujah!
There is also much merrymaking here as Finn has opened his Gran's birthday present from the UK. He is gaga for his Dr. Who cyberman suit! Gran always buys him amazing costumes-we love her and miss her so much! I love that Finn dresses up nearly everyday and exercises his creativity.
I am a bit sad today as our Easter plans were sideswiped by Blaise having the flu. I am wishing a tiny bit to be someplace else today, but as I look over the top of my screen and see the three boys in the living room, I am fine. Blaise is on the mend and there is much chocolate in the house. I actually have no plans for once. I have homemade chicken stock on the stove and my husband looks sexy today. Hoppy Easter.

Montessori Mama
had tagged me for a Open book meme and I have been neglectful... So sorry! She is a gem I found through Village mama. She has tons of great ideas for parents! She was just interviewed on the cool Artful Parent.
Check her out!


village mama said...

mmm homemade soup, lots of choc, three boys (sexy papa!), sewing machine, new costume, lots of love, wow, what a beautiful way to spend the day.

We send you lots of happiness and love. XO

TZT said...

That costume ROCKS!


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