Sunday, March 30, 2008

And all I can do is just pour some tea for two

Amazing weekend. My mom sent us to a cabin on the lake, took my boys, and stuffed money in my pocket. We went antique shopping, ate Mexican food, fed ducks, and talked for hours. It was well needed and sublime. My husband is truly my best friend.

My poetry audition went pretty well, although my nerves were a kickin and my leg was shaking uncontrollably under the podium for all to see. I wanted to shout expletives at my thigh. I think the poems were decent, but my whole body tremor was annoying.

We went for a beer at my hometown Irish pub. It was overwhelming to see how things change. It has moved locations and is no longer in the skinny building with ceilings of fire retardant spray turned black by the years of smoke drifting upwards. It is now clean and sterile and holy boring. It is no longer packed with people so tightly that bodies brush. All the cute boys of my youth must be married with beer guts at home. All the big haired girls were absent. My old teachers were not drinking whiskey at the round table looking fascinating. There was nary a drunken lush from my youth. It was empty and kinda sad. Me and Joe drank our Stella's and left. You really might not be able to go home again.


village mama said...

all I can say is 'luv ya'. XO

Momo Fali said...

I'm actually sad for that old bar!

Joeprah said...

I have done two poetry readings at large venues and each time I was a wreck, I can empathize completely. I would love to read your work sometime, I posted a couple pieces of mine over at cre8buzz. Cheers, I want to raise a cup to you and yours after reading that.


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