Monday, February 25, 2008

I can't stand up for falling down

I did sign up for this
so even in this wild sick ride
I post
my fevers won't leave
the me that felt better on Saturday
has been replaced again
by fetal position girl
am fighting with my 12 year old doctor
just give me some drugs
thank god I heard this little voice through the mail slot today
it was my friend Jess and she brought me get well treats
love her
and also
target is now selling Weleda
at least there is something to look forward to


vincent said...

I hope you are feeling better SOON!!! In this household we are now dealing with a 16 year old with a sore throat and now what she claims is turning into an ear infection- that doesn't wear a coat in 30 some degree weather, and a poor little 4 year old who has a slight fever and a cough from hell!!! (Both of which have a mother that basically just feels like crap, that will end up taking both of them "somewhere" to be seen by "someone" within the next two days. Meaning that like you, when you call "YOUR" doctor, "THEY" of course can never see you until 500 days or so down the road, by at which point you could be frickin' dying!!! OH WELL!!!) Then them being young, you have no choice but to take them to the crap ass hospital clinic to be seen by whoever is capable of staying up a million hours in a row and work for peanuts!!! WHY can't it work just once, that an ENTIRE HOUSEHOLD stay well for like uh- a week at a time??? Whew! I feel better now!!! Anyhow I do really hope that you feel a little better at least. It is horrible when the primary caregiver is sick, because HEY face it, you really CAN'T be. God, I am a crab today- sorry!!! Maybe now I am coming down with the sickness...

Momo Fali said...

Ick. We can't seem to get well over here either. I can't wait for spring!! Hope you're better real soon!

village mama said...

I read your post, and thought 'no, not sick again'. Then I read Vincent's comment, and thought 'poor Vincent. Then I noticed that you labelled this post 'daily life', and now I'm giggling about what Vincent would label your post, something like: "sometimes our daily life just sucks".

I wish you a speedy recovery. Perhaps skin food all over every inch of your body will help?


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