Monday, February 4, 2008

The grass was greener/The light was brighter

I really am so lucky to have a pack rat for a father. Joe and I joked while picking up the kids last weekend at my parent's that it is like a compound with the house and barns and summer kitchen and small buildings. He needs the space...the man collects! He also has kept my childhood things and has relinquished them little by little to me in what seems like the timeline of appropriateness for Finn. It is cool. I recently found my old preschool card game Slap Jack in a box he had left here. I took them out and immediately felt the rush of memory as my thumbs touched their slick backs. I thought about the old wooden table in my room and how my mom and dad would hunch down and play with me there. I loved this game. Finn is currently thrilled at slapping the table hard when the Jack card appears, as he loves the opportunity to use his brute force. I love the illustrations and the vintage feelings I get.
Slap Jack!


PG said...

That's good stuff! I am not good at toeing the line of keeping little stuff like that that might have meaning years from now and resisting the pack rat urge. I usually err on the when in doubt, throw it out side of things. Hope that's not something I will regret down the line.

Anonymous said...

These colors are gorgeous!

village mama said...

Lucky you! A game + great family memories!!

My mom kept my Barbies until a few years ago, then one day, very unpredictably she gave them away, grrr, I'm still stewing about it.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


I'm having such nostalgia right now.

Someone turn on Schoolhouse Rock for me.


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