Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The trees touch in the middle

I think it was the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks that I first saw the street I did not have. I saw this idyllic tree lined street flanked with beautiful large homes and it was Autumn and everything shined and the trees touched in the middle
like a canopy of perfection
I never lived like that
always before in the woods
or small college towns
or a little island
or an urban city
I never had that
until today while driving home
I looked
the pavement slick with rain
crimson and russet leaves sticking
mostly cool and some wind stirring
my car sped past the houses
that were lovely and above my head the trees
touching like lovers
just like I always wanted
the music on the radio was a soundtrack to a movie moment in my life

yes, I have another house on the market that won't sell and is sucking money left and right and I have problems like the whole wide world
but, the trees touch
in the middle
and sometimes you can get what you need

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