Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The insanity

I am so trying to learn to podcast and it is making me nutty. I just get into this mindset of "MUST TRY" and I will create a tunnel of psycho that I cannot escape from until I succeed..Oh well...I tried and I have no idea if you all can hear this at all and if you can you probably won't want to bc it is so crusty and not professional at all
YET...but, I am a stubborn bitch and I will get this
I am going to make nice with a computer person this weekend
like bake em something chocolaty and smile a lot
and beg for guidance.
much love
I try


Dawn said...

I'm going to go listen. I want to learn to podcast, too. I'll make YOU something chocolate-y if you pass your learning on to me! :D

katekatenegotiate said...

didn't work for me. sorrys.

Bigtooth said...

Might libsyn be some help? I don't know what their arrangement is, though it appears to cost at least a little bit of money, but they carry a lot of my favorite casts, like Word Nerds.


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