Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Fish Pie for baby

I made a simple simple fish pie to celebrate the fact that Blaise is officially eating fish and meats and mostly "our foods" now. He is 8 months and has been blazing through the purees of late and I thought after a intimate encounter with chicken last week that he may want to meet Finn's favorites: pink fish and flaky chicken- that be Salmon and talapia...

so here is a easy fish pie.
fish of choice
bang it all in a pan with olive oil and saute it....
add some cheese if you like- lemon juice- parsley
add fish
put everything in a big baking dish and top with homemade mash pots
bake about 35-45 mins
OH yummers.
We then blasted the babe's through the fp to make sure it was smooth.
He loved it.
We loved it
It went well with a glass of white wine for the big kids
Here's to you Blaise
Hope you grow up loving fish as much as we all do!


1 comment:

pinkmydear said...

Love the recipe! Maybe I could get Rob to eat more fish if I called it flaky chicken.


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