Monday, September 10, 2007

Things that make me forget any cruddy stuff about Mondays

This lotion rocks. I discovered it at hotel on trip recently.
Kiehl's Coriander Bath & Body Line. I am too cheap to buy it-thank god I brought three bottles home.

This tunic is so cute. And cheap! Target baby about a month ago- they still have em and I have had like 10 people ask me where I got it. My fashionista pal Jeni even rushed right over to Target yesterday and snatched one up. 15 bucks and you look hot.

Lusting over this fall coat. And this one. These are not going to make it into my cheap chic fall wardrobe, but I can still covet. I am searching for a coat with short belled sleeves or something similar.

Ideas for Finn xmas and not from China.

A trend that might just fit in with my life as of late. Why can't I put my make-up on anymore?

I just can't go here. Not even to save the world.But this... and this... yes.

Here's to Tuesday!

1 comment:

leila said...

Oh my. Reusable pads? I'm going to have to agree with your "no", but surely idea came from the depths of someone's very green heart. Although "perfect to remind you of what you are protecting" is borederline creepy.


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