Sunday, August 12, 2007

jour du mariage

So the weekend in the country went very well for my dear friends who renewed their vows in a simple chic ceremony and party. A bit of back story on this- this is my friend H who has been my friend for over half my life and her family was a major influence on my adolescence/youth. Some real formative times! She had this massive blended family and they let me in- this only child oddball fit right in and loved every moment.

I spent the majority of the weekend with my jaw scraping the grass because her little bro and sis that I babysat are big college kids now and I have officially begun to feel older. I got to see H's step mama J. She will eternally be one of my favorite people...forever. Her brain rocks. And Papa #2 with all his sweetness. And the other siblings-they are just as I recall...wonderful and interesting and real-

I was really honored to "officiate" H & A's renewal of vows and I can honestly say that the love sizzled between them. They have it and I know it and I love it.

It was also a mini reunion for college folks too- the OU crowd is still one hot bunch- Our 30's are looking good for all. We have bonds that are probably never gonna sever. I adore these people.

There was much drinking and that is always a good time in combination with extreme heat and long days. I am typing this with the promise of sobriety for the remainder of August.

I saw a Perseid meteoroid last night right before bed...this is the weekend of the shower. My favorite. It seems that in the deep of most August's of my life the meteor shower corresponds with good memories. Or perhaps I force that connection. Either way it is the only time I relinquish my hatred for heat and allow myself to sit in the dark and look. Just look.

H&A...rock on. Love is good.

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