Sunday, July 15, 2007

To achieve maximum pleasure through minimum effort

My sister in law in UK sent me this link:

Yahoo- I truly love this woman. She is a great cook and I like her recipes when I can understand what she is talking about- gas mark and coriander for cilantro ---those damn Brits-
anyhoo- I love her and she is a goddess to me.
My friend Erec and I used to wax poetic on her for days- her heavy mothering busom and her sexy ways in the kitchen
cashmere twinsets and chocolate- alright.

I think I like her story too- I think I like the fact that she went Oxford and although she was from a prominent family- she really came up on her own smarts and luck. I think about how she lost her husband - a really cool journalist named John Diamond far too young
to cancer and how she remained tough and strong for her family.

I like her ever so much
her middle name is my favorite name
and she named her son
kick ass
Can't wait to buy this book when it hits

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