Friday, July 20, 2007

Lampyridae Lessons

Finn loves lightening bugs
Fireflies have become another excuse of staying up past bedtime
I think Finn is a better version of me
He only wants to ooh and awe at them
not rip their bodies apart and paint his face
like aboriginal art
with the undersides of their abdomens
like I did
He wants to see how pretty they are
I remember in 1999
Joe looked out the window of our
little house in the thick of Athens, Ohio
countryside and shouted-
"What is that?"
We had a massive field outside our kitchen window and
it was lit up with fireflies
twinkling sparkling amazing
Joe said he had never seen them before
I guess in the part of England he is from they do not exist
even here in the states
there are parts where kids don't
get to enjoy this summer magic
he was wild and freaked out and delirious with joy
he was 26 and blown away
I loved that I had been there with him
we used mason jars that summer night and caught some
we were just married and time was all we had
I told him how the lights were mating calls and
we agreed that summer was definitely a sexy time
even for beetles
Finn stands near me
tiny droplets of sweat across his nose
he looks at the yard
"another one mom!"

second generation wonder

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