Monday, June 4, 2007

Uncle Joe and the very large tear

I am taking my son Finn to the funeral home tonight to see our dear friend Joe who died this weekend. Joe was my dad's boss for years and he and his wife were the coolest of cool. I have known them from birth and they are my pretend "Uncle and Auntie". They are everywhere in the topographical memory map of my childhood. They spoiled me and made me feel special even through the rough awkward moments of adolescence.
I have decided to tell Finn the truth. Joe has died and I will not use euphemisms like he has passed or is sleeping as my mother offered to explain to him. I think he needs to know the truth. When I got the phone call about Joe's death, I had been crying and Finn noticed my tears. He licked a tear off my face and told me that my tears were so big because I loved Joe.
Three years old...


Zayannee said...

What a sweet babe! I found your blog its cool. I think you are wise to speak the truth to your child!

amy turn sharp said...

Thanks! It was so difficult to know what to say. :)


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