Friday, March 9, 2012

sickness + winter blues

I need some advice. 
We have NEVER EVER EVER been sick as we have been this winter.
I have talked to the doc + to other pals with kiddos.
They say some years are bad cycles.
Have you ever had a winter of discontent like this?
It seems we catch every virus + bug. {and then it slowly trickles down through everyone}

Things I have heard:
eat more veggie + fruits {we do!!!}
eat less sugar
sleep more
wash hands {yes}

What else? Any supplements? And vitamins? double secret shakes?


karey m. said...

one year in oman, the girlies two had strep three times each. then lillie got scarlet fever or something our swedish doctor gasped about and huffed "i have never seen a case before!" and then grae got a soft tissue infection that threatened her brain. that was not fun. the doctor asked if she had been around any exotic animals and we scoffed. dummies. until we remembered the elephant in phuket. whoops. kind of exotic.

no matter how well we ate {all fish and all veg and zero yummy sugar} or how well we cleaned {my maid, that is.}, we couldn't shake it.

anyway. some years viruses do seem to stick. some they just slide off. hoping for a slippery spring, at least. poor boys and poor you. xoxo

Hannah Stephenson said...

Blech....sorry to hear this.

Perhaps it's not you, but the weird winter we had in Ohio? All my students have been CRAZY sick this semester...the temperature has been darting around like nuts (maybe that has something to do with it).

Or has it been an especially stressful or travel-filled season? If I'm even feeling slightly off, a plane always pushes me into sickness.

I just drink that Emergen-C stuff, but it may be working only through placebo effect....:)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Wish I had advice... But other than doing all the typical stay healthy stuff - I think you just have to weather it.

It's March - Spring & Summer sunshine is right around the corner! Just hang in there.

Susana said...

All four of us have been sick this winter; the kids + their dad had extended fevers & insane coughing; I had a flu that turned into a sinus infection that depleted me of all energy. We are vegetarian; only use natural remedies; we don't have a car and walk everywhere BUT we could not shake the crazy virus rollercoaster. Big picture, the world is very sick right now: oil spills in water; environmental damage to the extreme; so much GMO manufacturing etc etc etc; lots of negative stories in media re: economy, doom & trickles down to us : ( I find inspiration in Ted Talks, my kids' creativity and Netflix documentaries. xoxoxo


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