Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Blissdom 2012 BLISS

It takes a couple days of reentry for me to gather my wits about me to write and gush about Blissdom.
I feel really lucky that I have such an amazing pool of talented and KIND people in my life.
From the moment I got to the GAYLORD {um, I love me some Gaylord Opryland} I felt right at home and ready to reconnect with friends and meet new people.

Something always sticks about Blissdom to me.  
The kindness.
It really does overflow and I really do feel included in all aspects of the experience.
Alli said something that made me laugh but it rings so true... She said how they only want the best + the NICEST folks there. It's true. I think the feeling of Blissdom is encapsulated in this idea. I feel welcomed and loved there. I feel loved even for my differences. I feel loved for my gifts + for my abilities. I feel like someone who does not know me will try and get to know me + even if we are very different people with different views on life- it won't matter. We will find something to connect with at Blissdom. We will. I am as always honored to be with these folks.

I liked the conference set up this year a lot. I enjoy fewer speakers + choices in the day so that I am focusing on the tracts that I really need and not overwhelmed by all of the people/speakers that I would like to see. I have to give a shout out to Jeff Goins + his writing workshop. I think that kid is going places. I see him speaking all over the place, throwing inspiration everywhere up into the air.
I had a good moment in that session. I was reminded that I am not a fraud or a fake writer.
Sometimes the bad self talk can take over me and I feel like a faliure because I am not as published as I would like to be. I was reminded to be who I am and this was just what I needed.

The handmade market was AWESOME. Please do it again next year y'all! BIGGER! LONGER! OH YEAH. People responded so well to Little Alouette + I was in the company of so many favorite makers. Heaven!

and just all the people
and just all the food + drink
and just all the learning
and just all the amazing love
it was all


Rachel said...




<3 everything. Happiness, sharing, kindness, love, talent <3

Schmutzie said...

This extra makes me sad that I couldn't be at Blissdom this year. Will you be at BlogHer?

Kyran said...

Wish we could do it all over again this weekend! Except it would probably kill me...

I have to agree about Jeff Goins. I thought he was so genuine.




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