Thursday, January 12, 2012

SHREK the musical {Columbus- NOW}

I had the pleasure of taking my kiddos to see "Shrek The Musical"this week at The Ohio Theatre !
So. Shrek. 
We all love this movie and I also loved the show.

The story is quickly told in two acts {but man. I wish they would have a 7pm show instead of 8pm as it makes for a late night} that keep the little ones engaged and smiling and laughing.
I liked the antics between Shrek + Donkey a lot.
It was evident that the actors love what they are doing!

The music was great and some of the highlights included the AMAZING dragon puppet and the songs with Fiona at different ages. We also LOVED the story development of the fairy tale characters. It was a very nice lesson told about individuality and the "Freak Flag" scene is perfect. There is some adult type humor that is written in and seemed to fly over the heads of my preschooler and elementary aged kid. Lord Farquaad is a real hoot and I laughed during his scenes. It's a big show. It's fun. Try a matinee though as it is very late!

Take thee kiddos to see this.
It's only here through the 15th! Go!

I was given complimentary tickets to the show but this post is my own thoughts +views.

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