Friday, August 5, 2011

Sandusky, Ohio and Cedar Point Family Vacation - a short trip from Columbus, Ohio!

We have not had a family vacation in years. It's true. The money and time and family business has made it impossible for us. I almost jumped out of my chair when Cedar Point and Shores and Islands contacted me for the idea of hosting us for a few days to the sights of Sandusky.

I said YES. OMG. Yes.

Joe shows off his water park skills!

We were hosted by Great Wolf Lodge and the family fell promptly in love. The water park is like a paradise for kiddos. The truth is that we all loved it. Joe liked showing off to the boys with his water skills and even I rode the giant water slide! Scout enjoyed the lazy river and we all spent hours together as a family. The staff was attentive and made us feel special with cookies and milk delivered to our room and lots of smiles. The resort is clean and well run and the perfect place to spend a few days as a family. I liked that the rooms had small refrigerators and microwaves as it allowed us to bring a cooler and save money with breakfast and lunches. They thought of everything. Have you been to GWL?

They could have stayed for a week!

This happens every ten minutes or so! Fun!

The islands are amazing. We wanted to live there. We started making little romantic whispers of moving. It's what a good vacation will do to you. Jill Bauer from Shores and Islands was fantastic. She was able to set us up with days of fun family activities and exciting tours. We love her!

Jet Express

We went to South Bass Island and then to Kelley's Island. The amazing tours of Put-in-Bay made the kids squeal! They loved the train ride and the caves and Miniature Golf that they had ready for the children. Perry's cave was cool and the winery was my favorite!  We enjoyed the tour and history of the islands. The kids were amazed that there was only one school for the whole set of islands! The school graduated 13 students this year and sometimes in the winter the kiddos have to go to school via airplane. It blew their mind to hear about island life from our train guide. We loved the family friendly feel of the island. {I recall going to PIB at night in college and it was a party island- not like that at all during the day!}

Our short boat ride to Kelley's island was beautiful and we also loved the slow pace of the island. It was the island we imagined having a tiny little summer house on and coming back each year. We had golf carts waiting and the kids enjoyed gem mining and swimming on the lovely small beach. It was a blast touring the island with the golf cart! We asked the locals about good food and they directed us to The Village Pump. It was a really nice meal. We ate tons of fresh perch and Walleye for our dinner. We left so happy and relaxed.

South Bass train ride!

Perry's Cave.

Jet Express!

PIB break.

The people of Kelley's Island are so nice!

Gem Mining

The Port at Sandusky.

The Beach. We loved it.

Cedar Point!

I had forgotten how much fun Cedar Point was! We enjoyed the day and when we checked in at Guest Services they told us about the Parent Swap pass they offer. It is often hard for parents of small children to be able to ride all the rides that they love too, but with this pass you can both ride all the cool rides! We rode it all! Finnian rode his first real roller coaster! {THE CORKSCREW} We walked and spent time together and had an amazing time. The kids discovered Snoopy at CAMP SNOOPY! {perfect for the boys to enjoy together}  and we all had to sample some yummy amusement park food. {hello funnel cake sundaes} I loved seeing my kids smiling all day long.
We left sun kissed and tired, but we left so happy.

Thank you to Shores and Island and Cedar Point. You rejuvenated a family!
You made us fall in love with Sandusky! We will be going back next year!
If you live in Ohio- Check out Sandusky!

{This is a sponsored post. The opinions and expressions are all mine as I was hosted but not paid for a review}


Sizzle said...

How fun for all of you! I'm so glad you got to finally take a vacation.

Julia's Child / Sarah P. said...

Hey! I haven't thought of Cedar Point in years. I grew up in Michigan, and in middle school that was THE place to beg to be taken. They built a new roller coaster every two years or so, each one more terrifying than the last. The trouble was... I didn't have the guts for the really daring ones. A ride on the old wooden one (Gemini? Could that be its name?) was as brave as I could muster.


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