Sunday, July 31, 2011

me and you and all the green hills

There is always a sense of danger when we roll into the hills.
hometown girl
We sometimes think that time will be turned backwards and
we will spend the night pulling all our scarlet letters from our frocks.

you are not a bad person because you are different

just show them who you are

In the same thought we worry that time has erased us from the green lushness-
wiped us clean from the rural pastoral windshield.

like it never even happened

We come in like prodigal daughters back to the place we first found everything.

back to the origins of our rage and love and lust
and all the great things that move the world now
I always come back to this place
back to this place
because it calls to me
and I am open now

and we drink cheap beers
that taste so crisp and perfect against the cruel humid press of night
and we laugh so much
our mouths hang open at the delight
of all the ghosts around us
and the people are important and we love them still
and we love them
even if they never know it

and in the morning when we drive home
we hang our heads out the window
like happy dogs
welcoming all the air into our mouth
trying to make the molecules mix
and make us a part of our past again

if even for a country mile


Dani said...

chills. another great one.

Kunklebaby said...

OMG~ I LOVE this!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for capturing what i felt. i think. you speak. xoxoxo meesh

Hannah said...

drove in at noon and thought about you...

Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

this one had tears pricking. loved this line:
We come in like prodigal daughters back to the place we first found everything.

bookmarked this one so I can come back again.


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