Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Minute Breakfast Poems

"my father, my gay boyfriend and my darling husband on his 39th birthday"

It always makes me smile to think of my
college freshman boyfriend.
The one who is a gay man now and must
always have been
because who can accessorize like that?
at that age?
from cow town?

The one that taught me that life is
certainly unfair
and often glorious
he inscribed a journal to me the winter I was
19 or 20 
that told me he didn't just love me
he loved himself when he was with me
the way he felt when he was with me
and I have carried that frozen moment of reading
those words
with me
in my back heart
a reminder that we must always be this special to the ones
we hold
we must
and how I feel with you is

just like the way
I can fall asleep
in the car that my father drives
he could drive up massive mountains
on tiny roads that cling to the earth
through narrow passageways
and I could sleep
because the world won't break

and you make me feel
this safe
and this good
and good is what we all
want to feel
and you are the very last thing I
think of before I sleep
and this is good

these men in my life
and I stand inside the lyrics of a Rolling Stones song
holding a glass of wine
at a reception
And Mick
he tells me that I can't get what I want

but I did
but I do
and you are all around me

1 comment:

Sizzle said...

So lovely. The sentiment makes my heart all warm & fuzzy.


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