Monday, April 11, 2011

Poetry Responses from 5MBP

Thanks so much for all that joined in on the Five Minute Breakfast poems. 

Here are some of the gorgeous excerpts:

I’m left with crumbs.
Posy pocket crumbs.
the way you holler “hola!” when I walk in the door
even though you do not speak any Spanish,
the way you insist on saying “I love you” and kissing me goodnight.

from Robin:

he is master craftsman.
and we share lifeblood,

from Amy:

behind a curtain of my own sadness.
Two years is plenty long enough
to wallow there,

from Schmutzie:

I ate a penny last week.
I've told no one.
It was nearly black on one side,

from Mishelle:

like fresh-cut grass
and chlorine
…of sounds
big canon ball
water splashes
and cheerful cries
with belly aching laughter

from Dani:

something strong enough to never be destroyed
bruised, sometimes
dented, maybe
but we know each other too well
we push each other away

from Tara:

Not mom, nor wife
But child again, transformed along the path
Dreams take flight
If only for this hour

from me:

but right now in the before of today
in the dark dark morning
where mothers live


Friday is #3!

One thing I want to stress about this poetry writing is that we are not in search of perfection. We are in draft mode. We want to reach into our minds and find themes or thoughts that have been with us and just start something. JUST GO! We aim to find a perfect sentence or a perfect line that can make us want to write more. This is what we need....words that lead us.

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Anonymous said...

I love this weekly prompt, Amy. Not aiming for perfection, limiting time...just what I need at the end of the week for a boost of creativity.


(Are we supposed to give you links when we have ours done? I'm remedial...if you posted that part I missed it :/. Here's mine for this week--


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