Saturday, April 23, 2011

like a fish

I have lost about 15 pounds since the first week of February. I am doing Weight Watchers and have taken to the gym again. Actually I have taken to the swim again. It wasn't something that I felt super excited or comfortable doing at first.  I don't like swimsuits. I like to be naked more than in ugly swimsuits. I swear.
But I have started to fall in love with cutting through the water and wearing goggles and tight swim caps and the all the swimmers bodies in the pool. I am feeling a groove.

The lane water is cooler by just a few degrees and people are serious and ready and working it out. There are no smiles in the lap pool.
Only pout facing pushing air out like porpoises as they turn their heads back into the water and dream about longer longer channels of water to race each other.

And I go underwater and look at everyone.

I mostly try and peek at form and how the hell do you do that butterfly move
but sometimes I am just in awe of the bodies
the perfect bodies
and even the old ones have broad shoulders and lean bodies and look regal as they float on by
the old ones look young until they come up for air

Do you like to swim?

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Julie Marsh said...

I smile in the lap pool. When I'm finished.

My body certainly isn't perfect, but there's something about swimming that makes me feel tall and slender and graceful. Plus it's crazy good cardio.

Anonymous said...

I can't swim.

Amy said...

I can only swim sort of and have never been able to get the breathing right to enjoy lap swimming. I inhale water and become cross and grouchy. That said, I admire swimmers like nobody's business. Glad to hear you are catching your stride.

Sizzle said...

Swimming is one of my favorite forms of exercise (and play!). I've missed it and hope to get back to it in the coming months.

Land's End has cute swimsuits in ALL sizes. That's where I have gotten mine.


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