Saturday, March 5, 2011

I would have to have a Rx for xanax

I got so many nice emails & comments about how cool it was that I was a homeschooling
{in addition to all the other things i try and do} after this post. 
I was laughing and twitching.
I meant I felt like a "kick ass" home schooling mom!
Just to clarify- I do not home school my kiddos.
My Finn is a 1st grader in public school.
Little Blaise goes to preschool two days a week.
I would LOVE to do this but I don't have the skill set to do it properly.
I know this.
I am jealous of all my friends who can do this with grace, but I cannot.
I know my limits. {sometimes}

I do pick a theme each month and "teach" the family about this theme.
We have a blast. It is like "homeschooling lite" I guess.

I just write on the family calendar three things each month:
-A theme we wanna try and learn
-A song or artist to explore
-any holidays

It seems to work.
But I can barely get Finn to school by 8:10.
I forget to pack his lunch weekly.
Life is hard.
How do you all do it all?

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Juli said...

I don't really have it in me to home school either. In my case, I am just too much of a hermit. So, I value the opportunities for socializing that my kid (an only child) gets at school. But I really like your ideas about a monthly theme and a song or artist. Going to try to do this too.

Mary Ruth said...

Either way, it's all kick ass.

And that's a really great idea that never even crossed my mind: mini-homeschooling!

edenland said...

"How do you do it all?"

I can't ... I don't. My goodness I can't believe I'm reading this post today, just when I have decided to write a post soon about how ... I can't do it all! I have failed! But what happens when you fail at doing it all as a mum? Well, I guess another day starts and you get a second chance and in the meantime your kids just want you to love them, notice them, talk to them. It's that motherfucking easy.

Thank you SO MUCH for your tweet yesterday. I haven't been ok for a while - but I am now. Seven thousand different kinds of ok.


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