Thursday, March 31, 2011

Five Minute Breakfast Poems

OK Folks! Here is a graphic for the 5MBP!

Let's post each Friday in April.
I will link you all up and share each Monday.
Please- if anyone is a smartie pants- tell me how to make this button html and it will link back to this?
I have no clue. LOL.
But PLEASE swipe this graphic and let's GO!
See ya in the morning over toast and tea?
{No pressure and keep writing} xo

Leave me a note if you did not last time so I can come find yr gorgeous words! 

OOO BIG thanks to Mary of The Yellow Door Paperie for giving us some html! Yay! xxxooo

here ya go ::


helenjane said...

See you tomorrow!

amykblum said...

I did it! Hooray!


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