Sunday, January 30, 2011

returning from Bliss

i am enough

I have a lot to say about Blissdom- I just got back last night. It was awesome. I forgot my camera so I need to wait till peeps start flickring and I can add some pics and tell you about the conference.  Did you attend Blissdom? Did we meet? I loved the way we all talked to each other. The kindness that was everywhere...

Last night I wrote this because CCR was playing all around me.


Kelly said...

I love that photo to pieces.

And miss you!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Loved sitting on the floor and chatting with you and Gussy on Friday night!

Kat C @

robin said...

Amy! So glad I got to meet you briefly so I could discover your awesomeness. I always love connecting with a fellow Etsian. Love your pics that Karen took!


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