Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I always wanted Silver Eyes

Last week at pub night with the girls I kinda let it slip that I sometimes sit around and try to move things with my mind. I mean-I just think it's possible and everyone laughed because it is funny. I immediately accessed my netflix account and added "The Men Who Stare at Goats" to my queue because the pub girls told me about it after the laughter subsided.

I blame it on reading The Girl with the Silver Eyes and hearing that "We use only 10% of our brains" when I was a child.

I know we use all of our brains as I am sure that this is a myth, but I do think there are so many untapped areas in our mind/body/spirit. I think about it more now as an adult because I hear stories of my perfect Baptist minister grandmother telling the future and of all of the things that happened to my father in law concerning Spiritualism in England.

It's just one of those weird little things about me.
And really it's just something I think about and try from time to time.
Infrequent but focused upon like when you bite the inside of yr mouth
and tongue the sore for a week and you can only think if that.
And then poof.
You don't think about it anymore.

I think telekinesis is possible even if it means that I will only move a feather
along the wooden floor silently on a Tuesday some far off day when I am very old.

When gray braids hang limp across old cotton dress shoulders

and I raise my fist in the air and pump it.

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Jodi said...

I believe you can move that feather Amy. I believe you can do anything!

Fantastic with a fist pump!

Rowena said...

I have a secret super power that I don't mention much.

When I was a kid, say 14 or 15, and I was in one of those do-or-die Monopoly or Risk games, and if I didn't roll a 12 five times in a row I would be run over by various siblings and/or cousins... well.... I would shake those dice and focus really hard and then throw, and every single time, I would get a 12.

It got so that whenever I started doing that, the sibs/cousins would yell cheater and say I couldn't.

When I tell that story now, people say that I should go to Vegas and play craps, but did you know I don't and never have gambled.

So I believe it can happen. Telekinesis, that is. Not domination of the craps table. But maybe that too.

ChefDruck said...

I believe in magic. Last spring, with Steve Cohen in New York, I think he really magically connected me with my sister in law (whom I've never really connected with). I truly felt the feather he was rubbing on her arm from 10 feet away.

And I believe in ESP and deja vu, and the power of dreams. And I agree with you, if you focus on something intensely enough, you can do anything.

edenland said...

What? Who are you? And how did I find you? Or did you find me?

I ADORED that book as a kid, and had completely forgotten about it til now. WOW. Thank you so much for the reminder.

And you fist pumping the air at the feather, your grey plaits swaying?


Kate Coveny Hood said...

I totally believe that you will someday move somthing with your mind.

Once I had a dream that I could fly. But not the usual Superman kind. It was like levitation. I just concentrated really hard and my feet lifted off the ground. And as I intensified my focus, I started to rise higher and move forward. And then there were lots of us together, moving up and forward, faster and faster. And even now years later, wide awake, I really feel like I could still do it.

And I think I am, somewhere in a parallel universe. Why not?

erin said...

Amy, I love this. You can paint such a vivid picture with your words.

Alexis said...

I get very strong feelings about places. Some places "feel" bad to me and I will not go in, no matter what! I don't know what it means, and I don't know what to do with it, other than honor my feelings.

Now, if I could only find a way to make money with it...

Julianna said...

Hell yeah, sister.
We can do, we haven't figured out how just yet.

keep trying.

Julianna said...

Hell yeah sister.

We can do it, we've just not figured out how yet.

Keep trying.

Lady Ren said...

That movie is in my queue, too.

180|360 said...

That was one of my favorite books growing up! No one else seems to have heard of it... until now.


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