Tuesday, February 23, 2010

guest posters rock: Hounds in the Kitchen

When my daughter was three, she pressed pencil to paper and pronounced this creation a kiss.

lil kiss

Over a period of weeks she drew another

lil kiss purple

and another and more not pictured here.

lil kiss_0001

The kiss includes a spiral, imagery of the sun, and a positive/plus sign. Surely she had no idea the meanings ascribed to these symbols, but they are there.

My darling's artistry has progressed now. She draws worlds full of animals, families, and homes. She scribbles words and dictates detailed stories. Nothing on the reams of paper in her artwork boxes strike me like the kiss.

Rachel is my local food goddess who runs Hounds in the Kitchen. She has chickens in her backyard and local food in her kitchen and always a smile for me.


Ed said...

I absolutely love that -- would wear t-shirts with that design emblazoned on the chest in the hopes that someone would ask me what it meant.
The plus sign is just so brilliant I could write bibles about its significance.
Keep an eye on this little girl. Something that special couldn't come from an ordinary person.

Amber Stults said...

All positive images to me. Children draw and say things with such clarity it can be difficult to believe.

Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

Thanks for the comments, Ed and Amber. I'm actually thinking of getting the kiss translated into a tattoo someday.

Jack said...

OK I have to admit this right off--Rachel's my daughter. But, wow, I'm so blessed to not only see the drawing, but get the kiss for-real!!


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