Friday, January 1, 2010

Love, Friday

In 2010 I want to post love letters each Friday.
I think love letters are the pulse of life. I live in fear that they are falling lost away from us anymore. I want them back. I want you to give and get love letters this year. I have collected some love letters and want to publish them.
Some I may have written, some may have been given to me.
Some may be little figments of characters I create.
Some may be from friends.
Some were found in an old antique store.
Some may be from you if you want to send me some.
I just want to know how they move you.
how they make you feel

Love letters require passion and fearlessness.
open and brave
This is a good thing.

Dearest Judy,

When I wake and you are gone I am desperate for you. I reach all the way across the bed until my body hurts from the pull of muscles and skin. I want you to be here again. Across the bed are all of the memories of you pressed down on the cottons. They are of you and your wicked mouth and lamp eyes and your breasts skimming across the duvet and the way you turn into a small ball when you are cold. And when you are cold I take you in my arms and hold you. And all through the times that were harder than now, I would hold you in that tight ball and rock it all away. And if you let me do it again it will all come clean my love. It will all press out with the iron and we will put the bed together and walk down to Johnson's and grab a vanilla soda and then walk home slowly under the fast moving silent sky. And you will know that you are mine. All mine. Just come home Judy. I only love you.

Yours forever, Willem


Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

Wow. That was something.

I love your idea. I have a box of love letters from my husband (when he was my boyfriend at 19). I spent a semester in Belize, and we wrote letters back and forth without waiting to hear from the other one. I probably got a love letter three times a week for those four months. You've inspired me to dig them out and re-read them.

Happy New Year. So glad I found your blog this winter.

-elizabeth (@claritychaos)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your siteI love everything about it.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Great idea! I have a box full of letters from my husband from when he was in the Marines. He went on two 6-month deployments, prior to e-mail, and wrote me..I've alwways wanted to post them.

Kim said...

What an amazing letter. I love this idea. Mind if I join you from time to time?
Love YOU.

Kaylovesvintage said...

what a great idea,

I have some love letters which my dad got from some lady friends but then he looked like a young Elvis...

guess I want a love letter now

Barb said...

So glad I found your site... love the idea of posting love letters. Don't know if I'd be brave enough to post any of my own..not that I have any. I take it back, my dh used to leave me little post it love notes on my desk at work.
The letter you posted was wonderful. Thanks

Momo Fali said...

Yes! I love this.

Justine said...

What a sweet and wonderful idea! Look forward to moments of romance on Fridays this year!


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