Monday, November 23, 2009

Worthington Inn chats

The other night I had the pleasure of meeting a brand new resident of my village.
I got to have big girl drinks with some pals and Suzy Ultman.
Yep- We now have another famous and amazing artist to hang out with!
She is adorable (like eat with tiny spoon cute) and insanely talented.
It was funny because the next day I looked her up and realized I had seen her work on Holly's blog and loved her already.
I love it when people step outside of my computer and into my local pub. xo


Patti said...

i can't wait to meet her!!!!

Barchbo said...

A) Those paper dolls are awesome. I love them. They are so fabulous and darling that they make me want them for myself!!

B) Just home from the Kirtsy book party! Was totally talking about your artsy hilarity to Kathryn from Snippet & Ink (LOVE) and I used your page for pretending to sign your page for photos!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Joslyn said...

oooh new friends are the best!

happy thanksgiving friend

Alissa said...

I'm loving your local Worthington posts! We should meet one evening at Worthington Inn for a holiday drink.


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