Saturday, November 21, 2009

The recreation center has tiny crap crammed in plastic containers and they cost a quarter but they make Finn beam

It's just a quarter.
So I give it to him and he places it in the silver slot and cranks with the strength of an ox and a little perfect squeal comes out of his body and he jumps a bit as the small plastic container bumps up against the door. He retrieves the tiny capsule and pops the top to find a wee martian made from unknown origin, but it is his and he has found the way to make time stop for a moment.
He skips around and sings my praises and the sun shines all around him.
Little vending machines. Little bubble gum machines.
I hope they never disappear.
(Like my kids will never know a phone booth)
How odd.
It really is the little things.
I just wish my crammed full brain could recognize these moments as they happen and not hours later. I wish I could pause life sometimes.
Must live in the moment.
Must live in the moment.
Must live in the moment.


village mama said...

I can smell everything about the moment: the quarter, the plastic, the squeal, your calm breath in that pause. This is the perfect first page to another novel, that I know you will some day publish.

Totally unrelated, but there's a mom at my son's school who looks like you; at least who I think you look like. And we don't talk much, just enjoy standing close to each other on the playground. I hope you and me get to stand next to each other on a playground while the kids are still young; I'd love to see our foursome beam in the open air.

vincent said...

I wish I had some tiny something in a plastic container that could make me that cost a quarter and could make me happy on days like today when I am in a sucky mood... REALLY!!! :)

karey m. said...

don't you remember how fast those ponies were in front of k-mart? and how expensive?

now? they are slow and loud. and my definition of expensive has totally changed.

loved this one. xxooxoxox.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing that glimpse into your life.

And it's hard to recognize those moments when you're in them, but seriously, at least you know to recognize them for their beauty.

Condo Blues said...

On a different note. Your phone booth comment - how true- makes me wonder, where does Clark Kent change into Superman now that we don't have phone booths anymore?


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