Wednesday, November 18, 2009

But the fighter still remains

I jumped rope today like a boxer.
(I had flashbacks to this mean wretched older boy on the Logan High School varsity track team. I would run by on the track and he would stomp his feet and make sounds like rumbles, like my massive body weight was somehow shaking the track- moving the land. I was a flipping size 12. Whatever. He was unfortunate. He married a really nice girl too. Shocking. I don't think kind things of him even now.He would not have changes I bet)
Anyhoo, I felt like the world might be shaking I was jumping with such insanity. My friend Karen jumped with me and OMG it's a workout. I am sure it won't help me lose weight though, because even with my ridicoulous dedication I have not lost much weight. I probably have some sort of junky thyroid or am one of those people that sleepwalk and eat massive amounts of calories in the deep of the night. I don't know. I am trying to stay positive. I also pulled my back a bit today. Ouch.
But I did jump rope like a boxer for 30 second intervals.
And that was a good thing.


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I'm trying to imagine jumping rope for more than 30 seconds and just about fall asleep thinking about it. Doesn't it get boring before you get tired?

Karen said...

you kicked my butt today. i like having a workout partner who is more motivated than me. i think i need that.

i'm pretty proud of our jumping rope. now if only i could not pee myself while doing that.

Rachel said...

Even if you aren't dropping pounds, you are getting healthier and stronger. Can you feel it?

Hippo Brigade said...

Jumping rope is some really really hard stuff. So good for you. Oh, and apparently it zaps your cellulite. That's what I heard anyways, from a doctor...or maybe it was my mom, and she's almost as smart as a doctor.

amy turn sharp of doobleh-vay said...

m- yes it is hard but not so boring bc I do it with a pal. I am sure it will get old soon! xo

Laurie said...

I am stuck, weight-wise...15 pounds gone from April to September and then, nada, with a fair piece yet to go. feeling discouraged, working on this for a while now and still it is moving soooo slowlyyyy, when it moves at all. My back hurts. I'm cranky. Blah. Also I have a problem really restricting what I eat that much because that's a fast track to crazy town, so I know this won't speed up that much anytime soon.

I don't even think I can jump rope at all, though, so that's great. The one solace is that in addition to (I hope) looking somewhat better and more healthy, more like myself in my own eyes, anyway, I have to admit I feel much better when I work out (You know, when I'm not stuck on the couch because my back is a wreck. ;))

I'm out there on this weird road with you, do trust, for what it's worth.

Stillie said...

My knees hurt just thinking about jumping rope...But I'm happy for you!


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