Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i get up and nothing gets me down

I am feeling this woman. I found this
via another wonderful woman.
I love the thought of "RE-FRAMING BURN OUT INTO A BEAUTIFUL POSSIBILITY" on Danielle LaPorte's website.

Joe is at the workshop all day and night right now as we finish up a ton of wholesale orders and prep for the season of toys! I miss him. I am giving him a little present each night to show my gratitude, but I am searching for something for me. A slower pace? A space that is small and quiet. I am going at a pretty crazy speed and I have been for about 15 months.

Simple recharging and rest is a great gift I can give myself.
(I am aware- just not really practicing.)

What do you do to recharge?
I am working out most days and trying to eat well. (Have lost 5 lbs)
What else can I do? Essential oils?
I can't meditate. I have tried tons of times. Medicate I can do. Holla! xanax! I wish I had a little love affair with you right now. Meditate. Not so much.
Outsource cleaning the floors? (seriously. This gives me rage. The cleaning of the floors. Why can't they keep the food in their mouths?)
We are so lucky to have family coming in for the holidays this year and I just want to be able to DO what it is that I HAVE to do NOW and still be open and ready to receive the amazing time with the people I love.
I say yes to everything.
I open my mouth and say yes.
I love saying YES.
I love making out with my life.
But feeling toasty (as in burnt right out) ain't grand.
How do you say no?


Rachel said...

I say YES all the time too. It feels good to say yes!

But when it comes time to all the things I said I would do and they are piling up, I ask for help. I hire out what I can when I can afford it. Usually that's a little bit of babysitting to get something done to completion or someone to fill orders.

If the floors are bugging you, have you ever tried a roomba? We have scrounging hounds as vacuums, but that might be a bigger long term commitment than you want. ;)

AmberDusick said...

Hell yes on outsourcing the floor cleaning! Or anything else you don't enjoy when time could be better spent doing something you do. I get a great thrill to say yes but oh, the burnout. Sometimes saying "no" is like saying yes to yourself.

Alexis said...

I am terrible at recharging. Terrible! I've been feeling completely at the end of my rope since my middle daughter was 1 and she's about to turn 7.

I'm going to go look at the blogs you posted about and maybe they'll offer some solace...

linwood avenue said...

take the kids to the gym daycare and sit in the locker room and read the whole time!

jen_k_ said...

1) Change your default response to "let me get back to you on that".

Give it a day or two.

Then only say YES to one thing a week that feels like it won't completely compromise your sanity.

Say NO to things that just don't jibe with your core values. Simply say, "I really can't take that on right now." And leave it at that.

2) Recharge: Trade services with a massage therapist or Reiki practioner. Or...a liquor store owner? ;)

I also find frequent, short "recharge" breaks every 25 minutes of work keep me more balanced, with longer 30 min breaks after 4 stretches of work, much like the Pomodoro Technique:
(And I just saw that the Design Sponge gal tweeted about loving this tonight, too! It works.)
During the recharge breaks? Do anything that makes you laugh.

3) Go to the playground. Find a swing. Swing as high as you can for 5 minutes. You'll feel better. Promise.

Angry Julie Monday said...

I need to do some of the same things. I'm going to start organizing my life and at the same time, take some time out for me.

barchbo said...

Saying NO to some things is really saying YES to the people and things that are the most important to you. When you say NO to something you don't have time for you say YES to the things you have committed to, YES to your family, YES to work, YES to the love you have and want to cultivate.

I don't say no (on the outside) I say, "I need to let someone else take advantage of that opportunity."

But when a person has a heart as big as yours, of course you want to share it with everyone and everything. It's why we love you!

Headless Mom said...

I'm not so good at saying no to a lot of things, but I'm getting better. Practice by saying no to phone solicitors, etc. Those are pretty easy. Then move up to things that are a little more difficult. Learn now because it only gets harder as your kids get older. (Read room mom, team mom, etc. That's where I'm getting tripped up.) Hang in there, girly, this is the busy season. Soon all of those orders will be out and you can relax a little!

Deb said...

Sex weekend.

Anonymous said...

hey ats - i am looking to give my bissell floormate a good home. it is like new and cleans the floors in seconds. i even have the cleaner for the wood and tile. it is yours if you want to pick it up when you come see the baby next week! (i just upgraded to a steam mop - can you hear my heart fluttering?) xoxo buttsmell


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