Wednesday, October 21, 2009

do it like a bad habit for ten years

Last night I had the pleasure of attending and live blogging the inaugural TEDxColumbus event.(great job @ruthmilligan Curatorial Co-Chair)

It was awesome in a lot of ways.
One particularly awesome thing for me and my pal Angie was having dinner with John and Annie Glenn!

At the dinner/reception prior to the event we were hanging out and saw Mr. And Mrs. Glenn looking for a seat and we offered them space at our table.
We chatted away with them and had a lovely time!!!
We found out John Glenn has an iPhone and encouraged Annie to get one so that they could send each other love texts and silly videos. We talked about life and technology and
We talked about space - because you would ask too!
You would be so predictable just like me if you sat next to an astronaut.

He said it was magic and he would go back in the morning if he could.
I felt for a moment like I was experiencing something so damn cool.

Like I understood why Aurora just went gaga over Jack Nicholson in "Terms of Endearment." -the man was IN SPACE!

This is like mind blowing and wicked cool.

He was so sparkly in the eyes and Annie was like a wee doll I wanted to cuddle.
Smart and cool and I am so fortunate to have met them.

I also crushed heavily on Matt Slaybaugh who opened the night with some poetry.
He said something that made me shiver and shake all over:

"Pick something that you love, and do it like a bad habit for ten years."

yes. yes. yes.


Alexis said...

Zuper cool!

He's been in SPACE, for goodness sake!

Rachel said...

You ate dinner with John Glenn!!! How freakin cool!

erin said...

Awesome. Love John Glenn's comment about space and the advice you got from Matt Slaybaugh. I bet your boys thought you were so cool when you told them you ate dinner with an astronaut!!

Headless Mom said...

That is the bees knees, my dear, and this: "Pick something that you love, and do it like a bad habit for ten years." is blogging gold.

Ed said...

First, the conference is on my life's "MUST do" travel list. I'm totally addicted to the online presentations. Second, I can totally relate to your fascination with John Glenn. I directed a photo shoot with Jim Lovell (Apollo 13) once and gushed like a girlscout the whole time. He was so cool and I was so not and I usually am at least conversationally cool, that I actually wondered if part of his true coolness was his ability to use the coolness of others as his own.

village mama said...

This post put a huge smile on my face that hasn't left me all day, and a huge bouncy step in my day. Thank you Lady Amy!

SUEB0B said...

That is too cool.

I love love love the movie "In the Shadow of the Moon." It has interviews with most of the guys who went to the moon - really great documentary.

Patois said...

I would so gush.

Condo Blues said...

OMG OMG OMG! You had dinner with an astronaut! I wanted to be a astronaut when I was little and poured over this old book my parents had about the moon landing and the space missions.


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