Friday, August 21, 2009

Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it like my heart's going to cave in

Sometimes I google yr name just hoping
that there will be some sort of obituaries website that might have yr info for me to read.
I get sad thinking that you died before everything was on the Internet.
Before you had a life on the Internet.
You don't exist on the Internet.
I am unable to type to you.
I am unable to see words that might make me cry for a moment.
We all need moments, even years and years later that let us just feel for pretty seconds.
Like how I have to curl my shoulders around my heart about once a year and think of you.
I will always think of you.
I am just certain of this.

title post- American Beauty 1999


Kim said...

This is beautiful Amy. I can relate, all too well I can relate.

180|360 said...

great words, mama.

AmericanFamily said...

Funny, just this week I was thinking about my friend and how he died before he ever had an email account.

I wish I could type him a letter too.

Are we sharing a hive mind or something?

Anonymous said...

seems like only yesterday amy....

Sheri said...

oh gosh, this would be nice. the internet makes things more permanent, doesn't it? it would help. it could help.

tara said...

oh, oh, oh!!!! the title, that quote, i used to have it up on a piece of paper in my office and i lost the paper and forgot the quote and have looked for it ...

so it is from american beauty?

and yes, yes on the post itself too, i'm sorry, i'm just too excited to have rediscovered this quote!


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