Sunday, August 23, 2009

It is the only song on the album that looks forward instead of backward

and in four days he will put normal clothing on
five days and week and start school
he runs along the whole highway of my heart like this
and it is so perfect that it is almost as if Van Morrison
songs emerge from the ground and float him
inches above the green green grass
and he is just up there
and all I can do is stare
and he just walks around with this certainty
and tells me things are fine
and I believe him and all I can do is just open my eyes
and drop my gaze
settle in and look
I will look at this person
my Sugar-baby with champagne eyes

photo from my pal


Headless Mom said...

He's so darling. And he'll save the knight costume just for you, Mom, so he can save you, playing the princess that you are!

vincent said...

It was so long ago the first day for Stephanie... I have tried to tell Ty what it will be like, but he will just have to see for himself this coming Monday. I don't like the idea of sending the little one off into the world of one way thinking and the holding back of creativity- it sucks... Hopefully her teacher will be as great as her reputation!

Erika said...

so sweet.
i have a princess for him runnin round our house.
don't you wish you could allow yourself to dress like that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love :)

Elizabeth said...

or "a boy and his dog, went out lookin for a rainbow..."

I'm new to your blog and enjoying it -- and anyone who quotes Van is going on my blogroll!


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