Wednesday, June 24, 2009

goody goody gum drops

I sat on my stairs today eating fruit and sweating from my mother of the year award winning day. I walked these kids all over the town on adventures in 90 degree weather. We played hard. All this after I subjected myself to the city pool for them last night.
Hello swimming with little ones is not a relaxing time.
I guess I have many more years before I can be the moms I want to be- those happy women over by the picnic tables- lounging in teak chaise chairs- laughing- heads back smiling as their older children frolic. Their kids will not drown. They will sit there relaxing with novels and caftans and brown taut skin.

I rolled around the kiddy pool like a freak.

So I sat in my underwear today on the stairs and ate fruit and stared at the beautiful beautiful mobile from Fraizer and Wing.
I won it on Creature Comforts as Ez and Summer had teamed up for a fantastic giveaway.
Holy crap I won! I am pretty darn charmed.

I called Heather to thank her today and was completely smitten with her.
I told her how I had always wanted one of her mobiles- but it was on that list of things for me that never get bought because- well you know. I just don't splurge on me like I once did.

Anyhoo. If it is on yr list. Buy it today. It has made for lovely looking!


Alexis said...

Congratulations on the mobile!

I hate taking my kids to the pool by myself. It is a nightmare. The big one can be mostly on her own now, but the other two need to be watched and they go every which way, and never do what they're told!
I feel guilty hating it when they love it so much.

Cassandra said...

I totally get the pool + small kids deal (4 year old and 2 year old = constant supervision.)

Nice win. I'm sure you know you deserve it ;)

paige said...

Confession time: Astrid Meklit has never been in a swimming pool. I CANNOT fathom a universe in which it will be easy to take Madame Two and Uncle Ten to the pool without back up support.
I grow a little more in awe of you every day!

robin said...

I rolled around the kiddy pool like a freak. - made me laugh. out loud. congratulations on the win :)

liz said...

I SO feel your pain. So many moms this summer have tried to talk me into meeting them at the pool (do I even have a suit that fits?). I have 2 non swimmers yet (and a newborn now). And I keep telling myself one summer in AZ it will be fun. One summer. wait your turn, little lizzie. until then they get the booby prize: the elmo sprinkler and I fully intend on talking new friends (that still need friends and will hang out at any cost perhaps) to come hang in the shade leisurely while we sit in the shade and let the kiddie jump over elmo.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Pretty! I just looked at the website and will be adding it my running list of wants/needs/wishes.

As for the pool...I don't think I CAN take all three of mine by myself... Or maybe I'm just a big wimp... I expect (hope) this will change once I become a SAHM in a couple of weeks....


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