Friday, May 29, 2009

"You can have roots and wings"

tractor girl, originally uploaded by turnsharp.

I am headed down to the land of dial up- deep in the hills of Southeastern Ohio. A place that is so slow paced and thick with time that it sometimes attempts to swallow me whole when I stay for a few days. My boys will run on acres of green country grass untouched by chemicals and we will eat berry pies made from the hands of my 89 year old granny who probably picked the berries off vines older than she is.
Joe is staying home to work on Little Alouette this weekend and I will miss him. I will bring him back bounty from the country.
I learned to drive on a tractor you know.
I am Joe's Appalachian princess.

Title post- Sweet Home Alabama 2002


Kate Coveny Hood said...

Oh! You always make manure sound so romantic...

Have a wonderful time!

avesta said...

have fun in the Hills....wish I could be there with you! love you!

Kate said...

Ah, anywhere near Zanesville? I have deep parental roots there and always come back a country girl everytime we visit. Have fun wherever you are!

Alexis said...

I wish I had an ancestral home in the country!
My father's family is from Pittsburgh and my mom's is from Berlin! No berry pies at all!

Joslyn said...

it sounds totally divine. have fun...i'll be thinking of you guys!

Relyn said...

I learned to drive on a tractor you know.

It seems as though that one line sums up a lot about you. Am I right?


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