Monday, February 2, 2009

"Hey now, don't you tell me you don't remember me 'cause I sure as heckfire remember you."

pacifier tree, originally uploaded by harald_kirr.

This is the month I had originally thought I would start
Operation Nightmare(take away pacifier fro Blaise)
and it is perfect that I was able to reflect about it over on AlphaMom.
I am still scared to death. It is hard times. I was way more relaxed with Finn and he gave his "diddies" away to the Diddy Fairy on his 3rd birthday and never looked back, but Blaise doesn't talk very much. Blaise says a few words and is smart as hell- but I think his pacifier dependency is really making him talk much less. SO- I will let you know how it goes. Feel free to leave some of yr own hints and tips over at Alphamom and here. People need help! We all need help when dealing with hard core addictions! :)

My mom said they had to bribe me off the pacis with a "bed with a top" (Canopy Bed) that I saw in a department store- What good taste I had back then! Rock!

And how cool is that pacifier tree?

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Abby said...

That pacifier tree is awesome. Good luck. I do love the fairy idea to take things away.

Anonymous said...

Lovin' the pacifier tree.

Jean Martha said...

That picture is amazing.

My Mom told me that the garbage man took the bippy. I was angry...but I got over it. Good luck!

gonzomama said...

right before our second was born, just after the first turned 2, we got rid of the pacifiers.
we had him collect them from around the house (he's a stasher) and the we put them in a small gift bag wrapped that up in a brown bag and let him draw on it . we told him we were going to mail his pacee's to little babies that needed them more than he did. (terrible, i know). then he walked to the mailbox with us and sent them off. of course we retrieved that bag just in case WE couldn't make it through it. but it went really smoothly actually. a little crying but no where near as bad as we were expecting. and now his little sis takes one and he's fine with it.
my best advice is (and it's not much) - is to give your little guy a chance. he may impress you with how well he can handle it.
and then again i could be wrong. so just be strong!

Momo Fali said...

I love the tree! It looks like Chihuly meets Babies 'r' Us!

vincent said...

Luckily Sienna had no pacifier. But Stephanie sure did. She had the big old playtex brown ugly thing for a bit, but gave it up when she was ready... I wish you luck... He sure is a sweetie!!!

Liza B. Gonzalez said...

it depends on the child. with my first i weened him of it slowly and with lucy we went cold turkey, in fact it was the "froggy" that took it. feel her out and in less than a week it will all be over.

love the pacifier tree!

village mama said...

Good luck. xoxo

Diane Mandy said...

It's the coolest! I have confidence you'll figure something out.

Hannah said...

With both girls we "left" the pacifier at Grammy's or at daycare "accidently" on a Friday. We told them that we could get it on Monday but that we would have to wait till then. The experts say that it takes about 2 days for them to get over it, so weekend was perfect. When Monday rolled around Grammy/daycare told them that they didn't have them and by Monday night they didn't really care so much. We soothed them with the "fact" that we would get it on Monday and it would be ok. They bought it hook, line, and sinker.

Joslyn said...

well i'm not sure i'm one to give advice as audrey used a paci until she was FOUR!!!! but then in a totally unplanned stroke of genius (luck) i had a little video done with grover at blogher where HE told her it was time to give up the paci. i played it for her when i got home from sf, and she took that thing out of her mouth and NEVER used it again. of course she didn't talk to me all day because she was mad that i told grover she still used a paci.

that kid...

good luck friend


Anonymous said...

with both kids i went gradually. first: the paci is only allowed in the car and in the bed. then: the paci is only allowed in the bed. then: it goes from the bed. with greta, i did what the absolute best thing when it was time to take it away from the car: i went away for the weekend and let randy handle it. then? when it was time to take it away at bedtime? i went away for 4 days and let him handle it. both worked like a charm! amazing, that. :D really it just kind of happened that way (randy was feeling ready to do it and i had already scheduled to go out of town), but it was honestly the best way for us to do it with my second and more stubborn child. :)

love that pic, btw.

pakosta said...

we took my daughter to the dentist at 3 years and 4 months old and the dentist, showed her the way her teeth were turning crooked in the mirror & also told her that if she kept sucking the nuk, she may need surgery on her teeth later to correct them (he wasn't kidding!). that did it! we got in the car and she says, HEre you go mama, throw them all away, no more nukka's !!!!
and that was IT! and this is a kid who is so stubborn that when i tried to get her to sleep in her own room she cried for 3 hours straight, ( i went in every 10 minutes to calm her) and was still going strong and by the way is 9 years old now and STILL DOES NOt sleep in her own bed LOL!
good LUCK!
love that tree LOL!
tara said...

Apparently, when I was a toddler and my parents were ready for me to kick the pacifier, they had me leave it on the mantle for Santa Claus and, in return, he would bring me a table & chair set. My mom tells the story like it was a seamless plan -- of course you may have to substitute santa with someone else :).

for my oldest daughter, she basically chewed the end of her pacifier off when we were in Disneyland. we panicked but decided to bite the bullet. She fussed for about 3 days and then all was calm...whew!


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