Tuesday, January 27, 2009

""OK wait. If you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of? "

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I embarrass myself at how nostalgic I am. I shrink in horror at the way most anything can elicit wistful feelings in me. I think I was just born this way. I like sappy as much as I like cool. I like that feeling that washes over me when I turn the corner in my mind and go back. And lately going back has made it ever so important to go forward. I have been writing in my mind for weeks, stringing sentences together for my novel right there behind my eyes.
It is time to touch the drain and kick some ass.
Another woefully sentimental movie that I love (na na na boo boo I don't care if it makes me a sap) is "Stealing Home". Jodi Foster and the main character dive into a pool to touch the drain. It is kinda scary to touch the drain in a pool. At least for me. But it is really a good way to wakeyrself up. A good way to prove to yrself that everything is right there really...if you only reach yr hand out a bit more and go those few seconds past yr comfort zone.
Because really, is there anything better than breaking the surface of the water?
Do you have a drain to touch today?

title post-title post- Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 1989


Piper said...

it's only been in my adult years that I've learned to embrace my painfully sentimental nostalgic ways. my mother is the opposite of sentimental and nostaligic, she doesn't understand it and often ridiculed it. my memory is long, and I'm glad for it. I used to feel like something was wrong with me because I have nostalgia as a seventh sense, but no more. I'm sad for those who can't experience the beauty of remembering.

nostalgic sentiment is a gift given to those who will use it wisely. you use it beautifully, and this is one reason I love you.

Ry said...

We must be riding the same wavelength. I just posted something very similar on my blog...spoooky.

I find I tend to go back in time when I'm faced with something big in the present day. It's always nice to go back and remind yourself you aren't always so serious, y'know?

However, I do not suggest suffering from winter blahs and checking out photos of your tan summer self. I did that recently, it didnt end well.

fruitlady said...

I twittered a Bill and Ted quote this morning. Whoa. ;-)

Kim said...

I so have a drain to touch, but not today...sick baby takes all my attention.
I do have lots of nostalgia too. Earlier today I smelled something that reminded me of life right after my first baby was born, 6 years ago. I sat there and just closed my eyes and went back to that time. It was nice.
I love your post today. Beautifully written and so true.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Sometimes I think that I spend 50% of time lost in thoughts about the past. It's only lately that I've started giving much thought to the future.

And I am one of the few people I know willing to admit that I still love Bill and Ted as much as I did in high school. My oldest son has this habit of gesturing with his hands the way B&T did when they would make a statement. Hilarious!

Neil said...

That was a powerful image, but since I am not much of a pool person, I would like to know more about the fear in your mind. Is the fear being dragged down the drain? I actually like the feeling of standing on the drain in the shower and feeling the pull of the water, knowing that I am strong enough to resist it.

TZT said...

My version of touching the drain was walking underneath the life-sized blue whale replica suspended from the ceiling at the Museum of Natural History in NYC. I felt I was facing death (or at least tempting fate) when I'd run under to dead center, then scurry away, certain that immense thing had to come crashing down sometime. On one of my last visits to Manhattan, I stood in the spot that used to scare me so for a long while.

I keep images of it around me at home, for the same sentimental reasons. I want to remember to try and live life under the whale.

Thanks for the reminder.

a little bird said...

beautiful post... you are an amazing writer, you have the ability to enter the reader's mind and pull up memories & emotions long since past. and reform & reshape until they are new again... can't wait to read more from you.

Renovation Therapy said...

69 dudes!

Whoa! Totally.

I love Bill & Ted.


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