Friday, January 2, 2009

It's FRIDAY I'm in LOVE/ Inspire Me Series #6

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I want to introduce you to this gorgeous woman named Jennifer Judd-McGee.
She has this amazing blog called Swallowfield and I love love love going there. Jennifer is an artist and blows me away with her intricate and delightful collage work. This woman can do anything (hello mad sewing skills!!!) I swear and I just about fall right into her work.
I love staring at her pieces and I think 2009 is the year I must own one.
She is also a hip mama and does amazing cool projects with her kids and is a great photographer too! I know you will love her.

inspiring me:
brimming with hopefulness. i am so happy to be in two group gallery shows in our new president elect. i feel positively patriotic for the first time in my lifetime, and in january (at nahcotta and eyebuzz galleries) i will try to illustrate my hopefulness through my art - i'm working on that stuff right now and it is a fun challenge for me.

keeping it simple this christmas.
like almost everyone i know, my family is feeling the financial crunch this season, and we're trying to keep things really mellow with the gift giving. we're a handmade christmas machine around here at the moment - pretty much nothing makes me happier than doing handmade stuff with the kids, like paper chains, snowflakes, and making cookies. they are at such a great age (9 and 8) for being both willing and capable with elaborate handmade projects. and there is still a lot of magic happening here in regard to santa, which i love!

new (to me) tunes:
i'm completely loving bon iver and fleet foxes lately! a lot. there are also a good amount of holiday tunes in rotation around here right now. my favorite thing is to put on pandora with sufjan stevens holiday tunes as the main thread - i've heard lots of great mellow folky instrumental holiday stuff that way - the kind that you can hear a bunch without suddenly wanting to poke your eyeballs out. it's nice.

my favorite websites:

the morning news : great links and stories, i always stop and really look when it shows up in my feed
3191 a year of evenings: a favorite over the past two years, first with morning and now with evenings - i'll be sad when it ends.
supermarket: i am a seller on supermarket, but i have to say how much i love this site. it is beautiful, simple, and easy to navigate and find things. plus, awesome designers abound.

So I love this gal. I go all ga ga over her talent and I just know you will too. She is delightful and I know yr gonna love her. Read her blog and check out her shop today!

Thanks so much for sharing Jennifer! Kiss Kiss

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Momo Fali said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for introducing us to her.

Miss Aimee said...

oh!!! I love your blog!! thanks for visiting mine. I just added you to my daily reads! Happy day to you!!

Poppy and Mei said...

I am LURVING this series!
Supermarket, never heard of it 'til now...see ya in the hand made asile! ;P XXxx

Poppy and Mei said...

Oh &...My gawd! How gorgeous is her work? XXxx


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