Thursday, December 4, 2008

Future lovers hide/Love inside their eyes

old passports fell from the brown crinkled envelope this morning as I pulled it from the top of the fridge
Blaise needs a passport and mine is expired
passport time stand in the line

Me and Joe were looking at them with wide eyes
OMG look how young/you have hair/and I have a curling iron obviously

Would these two people have found each other back then
before they knew each other?
I was in London the same time Joe was living there.
Could we have walked across the same street one cold wet night?
Could we have locked eyes at least once before
perfecting that instant love affair stare
across a crowded someplace?
Could I have seen the back of his head on a train?
Who knows.
Isn't it fun to wonder about yr life and perplex yrself with the mystery that constantly loops?

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Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

My husband and I went to the same university, but didn't meet until a few years later. We definitely attended the same party once. It would be fun to rewind the video of our lives and see if we ever crossed paths that night.

Barchbo said...

The hub and I find overlaps and near-misses all the time, but he doesn't like to play "what if...."
He says he is just so glad that we found each other at exactly the right time, and not too soon. So, it's hard to argue with that.

Sigh. Romance. I love it.

mary said...

Between you and barchbo, I want to go kiss my hubby right now :)

P.S. You look adorable!

180/360 said...

Ahh... I love that.

kaylovesvintage said...

how did you me your man? in the USA or UK??

bipolarlawyercook said...

I love these photos of both of you. I'm glad I didn't meet my V. before I did. I was too much of a stiff, and he too much of a wild child-- but now we're close enough to be in love. : )

Alexis said...

I also went to the same college as my husband, but we didn't meet until years later, which is lucky because he was too cool for me in college!


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