Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You’re so pretty the way you are

I have not bought my children clothing all year.
It rocks. I love handmedowns.
I have not bought clothing for myself all year with exception of a couple T's at Target and that cute dress from Nordies that I ended up not even wearing.

I miss shopping so much, but being on a budget does not allow for it just right now.
Joe and I both need new undies though. How does it come to the place where the only decent knickers you have are those uber silly-fancy-pants-get-lucky knickers that you really do not want to wear to a meeting or preschool drop off? I swear. And my bras? Oh mercy. I promise you that I have taken to wearing a particular black bra that is yes, an old nursing bra bc it is much nicer than my daily bras. It is wretched. So we will go get some new undergarments this week and it will feel so liberating to shop!

I pretend shop all the time on my computer. Just this morning at some ungodly hour I was checking out a new blog I like and found these gorgeous dresses. Those who knew me in the day can attest that I would have rocked these frocks. I will never be small, but I do have pretty decent legs when at reasonable weight. I was a school jumper when a jumper wasn't cool. I was a mini in the days of hippie long skirts. I was a black opaque tight girl from birth. Oh I love these dresses.
I pretended that I bought all of them and packed them in my LV Speedy and raced out the door to catch a flight to somewhere fabulous. Then I made coffee and played Thomas the Tank Engine until I wanted to bash my head against the smooth wooden track.

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Anonymous said...

I pretend shop all the time. And I too buy all my clothes at Target.(tshirt I am wearing today is from Target.. LOL)

Then there are the times when I do go shopping someplace wonderful like Lord & Taylor and collect lots of goodies only to stick them in a corner and walk out of the store.. it makes me feel good for a least a week.. lol

Rowena said...

Sigh. After years of not shopping, I have begun my slow journey back to a decent wardrobe. I have to. I recently realized that all of my clothes are holey, stretched out or just plain done for.

A few target purchases. A few thrift store or yard sale excursions, and I should be back on track.

Except for the underwear drawer. Oh, I know what you're talking about. Those fancy underduds don't get worn, so they are the only things not worn OUT.

The fantasy shopping, though, helps you figure out where to go with the bargain shopping. So you know just what items you need to rock a little you style.

Anonymous said...


This is totally unrelated to your post, but I saw an article in my Booster last night and thought of you. You probably already know about it, but just in case...there's anew shop opening in Clintonville - I think in the same strip as Caribou - and it sounds like they will be selling the types of items you sell. Very vague, I know. Sorry about that. I can dig up the paper if you don't have access to the Booster.

Marla B.

amy turn sharp said...

thanks marla- I don't know about it? Is it up further by beechwold? Sprout soup toys? xo

Anonymous said...

I am from Italy and we don't use a lot of hand me downs but buy really really cheap clothes at a chain store called Upim (different names in different Italian cities)
Since moving to the US (17 years ago) and having 6 kids I have lived on hand-m downs -- sometimes they are really great for me and the kids, other times it's tough to have them wear something that has been spit on numerous times and it has the permanent yellow/brown stains...
Love your pictures!

village mama said...

Oh t-h-a-t's where I know you from: "pretend airport lounge", I'm the one on the pretend around-the-world book signing tours ;-)

Have fun getting your girls some new/gorgeous support!

I can't find my blog said...

You would rock these now, and if I had the extra I would send you all of these.


Diane Mandy said...

I thought I was the only one who needed new underwear! My problem is I don't understand the sizing here in Germany. Why can't the just have S,M,L,and XL?

Jean Martha said...

Those dresses are really cool - and they look like they have really simple lines. Know anyone super handy with a sewing machine?

I found a woman on etsy who I am in love with. I've designed/described a few shirts and she's done an awesome job on them.

Bug said...

this post has caused me to fall deeply in love with you. I hope that's ok.

your writing is straight from my brain, I swear.

found you on twitter.


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