Thursday, October 2, 2008

Through the years you've never let me down

It was cold enough to break out my lil baby today. My two dollar coat I got at a thrifty store many years ago. It has been all over the place and always makes me feel good. I plan on wearing it to the post office today and to other such errands.

I am teaching Finn random foreign words like bella and fili. That way he can greet me in the morning and tell me how lovely I look and ask for a kiss in Greek. I told him ladies will pull sweets from their handbags if you tell them how lovely they are. I am so naughty! But, twice this week he has complimented older woman and one gave him a quarter and one a lollipop at the copy shop. He is going to be dashing when he grows up like his dad.

I think we are going to learn how to say some French words today. I can still read a bit of French from my long ago studies, but can't speak it. I hate how the brain when fat and lazy loses information. Like I also used to know how to say "Please take off yr dress" in Russian and I just can't for the life of me remember anymore...

P.S. Mama's Village is writing again. I love her!

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Kate Coveny Hood said...

First - I LOVE your coat.

Second - I'm impressed by all of the multilingual compliments. I'm still working on getting my three year old to speak English (as opposed to "monkey" which he has picked up from Curious George dvds).

Last - Exactly when did you find it useful to know how to ask someone to take off their dress?!?

Sizzle said...

That coat is smokin' hawt!

I think you're doing him a favor teaching him to charm. Learning how to give a compliment is a good thing. ;-)

ingrid said...

verah nice coat. loves it.

Anonymous said...

Love the coat - You look hot!

avesta said...

Sexy as ever girl...I love teaching kids other languages...I've only accomplished teaching Nick naughty words in Kurdish...not as dashing as your young lad!

village mama said...

Every woman needs a coat that makes her feel great. Yay to yours!

If you want something to purr in Joe's ear, 'I adore you' in Spanish is 'te adoro'.

Lastly, I blush at the shout out. xoxoxo said...

awesome coat!! I bought a similar leopard print one...I'm want to be Auntie Mame.

karey m. said...

oh, remember! because it's completely necessary for finn to know that phrase! hee hee!

you look gorgeous in that coat.


Kimmylyn said...

LOVE the coat.. It is sooo you..

And there is nothing sweeter when I hear my little man tell me I look pretty.. teaching them how to charm is a good thing!!!

heather said...

Aren't thrift store buys the best?
Are you sure you want to teach him how to tell a woman to take off her dress!?

Victoria said...

That coat is perfect- tres jolie! Thanks for making me shop my thrift store again. Love it!

You've inspired me to use my french again too.


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