Thursday, October 30, 2008

She can take the dark out of the nighttime/And paint the daytime black

Get thee to a screening of this amazing documentary!

I had the pleasure of attending a a screening for this documentary last night and I left the building feeling as if I could speak louder and I could breath deeper. I felt a part of my artist self climb out of my body and join the other women on the screen and in the room to dance and be joyful in the fact that motherhood and the artist life can coexist.

I let go of what others expect of me for a bit longer than usual last evening and felt a powerful connection to other women/mother/artists who really do get the short end of the stick. Why can't art in general be more sacred and why can't mothers be more than mothers? Why can't it be validated that I want a room of my own and two or three hours a day to be in that space? Why?

All I know is director Pamela T. Bolls has got a gem on her hands, she has got a documentary that speaks to women and all artists and art lovers. She has to get this out there for more folks to see. Go to the website and find a screening or act locally!

Wexner are you listening?

Drexel are you listening?
I will help you organize it with my big mouth!

*** I also has the pleasure of meeting Janis Mars Wunderlich!

She is a fabulous LOCAL artist in the film.
I loved her. Her art is amazing and she has FIVE children. I think she has figured out a lot of the right ways to live the artist life. She choose the right supportive partner, has a strong faith in something, and makes art a daily part of her life! She was so inspiring! Check her out!

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Our Green Nest said...

That looks amazing Amy - tu so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Yea-why is the Wexner not showing this?????????????? I too loved this film and felt so validated by these women-until I got home to the dinner dishes that nobody did while I was gone-soup still on the stove and my husband and 1 kid sleeping!

village mama said...

Thanks for gifting us with this sneak peek. So happy that you partook in this celebration! XO

Anonymous said...

i'm really looking forward to seeing this.


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