Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A million times and still you never came

Like a robot I play one song over and over for a whole day sometimes.
Today the soundtrack to my small life is this song.

I think it was playing in the background the other night
innocent on the soundtrack of a movie
Wall street I think.

and it got inside of me
and it has not left yet

I think about the way I would lock myself in my room in 1989 and escape with headphones on my ears from the shallow little town and the walls all around me that threatened to cage me in.
That threatened to not let me fly.

I didn't realize it then
that even if you knew you could fly

you would someday
eventually have to make some wings.

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Michelle said...

Wow.. that SOUNDS incredibly old school.

TZT said...

There are some drawings by David Nyrbe up at the Franklin Park Conservatory now. And he's coming to paint on a wall there next month, though I've heard we'll only see the finished product, not him in action.

Anonymous said...

oh, that's me too - listening to the same song over and over. shutting myself in my room in 1989. not having a clue what i needed to do to get. OUT. of that town.


sometimes i still want to shut myself in my room, but that never happens these days. i'm needed elsewhere. ;)


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