Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It can creep up inside you/And consume you

Like I was telling my pal Jen on Sunday I sometimes listen to music and go away for a bit. Like while working wood outside on Sunday I had a disco party in the back yard. I was pin thin and in a velvet catsuit in my mind. I shook it for America across the brown leaves. It was awesome.
Then Blaise and me went to a party and it was perfect because I was able to play my secret obsession to him (he’s like me- very eclectic music taste). I love Rihanna. There I said it. I love her voice and her hair and her hot bod. I love her and when I listen to her I go to a club where the circle parts across an ancient parquet floor and I dance with moves that would scare Justin Timberlake.

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village mama said...

I would love to watch Justin Timberlake get off on your dance moves!

avesta said...

Ahhh...I miss Columbus and you! You know I love all that cheesy dance music! I am still obsessed with Leona Lewis..I just can't help it. Like Rihanna...her voice is amazing and she's so damn hot I can't even deal with it! :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

This is the way dancing should be. Why do we have to be so self conscious about something that just feels good?

Jamie said...

You're too funny! Your Rhianna is my Britney.

I love her, crazy and all!

hippo brigade said...

I would so dance with reckless abandon and shake it for America with you any day!
...and I have a crush on Rihanna's shoes. She wore these neon yellow sandals once, oh, wow. It was epic.

karey m. said...

ummm. stylish coat, killer cap, sexy mum and beautiful babe aside...

making a mini movie {while in traffic!} that includes dancing, disturbia, pouty lips, a baby in the backseat AND a red balloon blocking the view?!

genius. illegal in many ways. but genius. xoxo.

Diane Mandy said...

Rihanna has grown on me. But we can keep that just between us, right?

Terry said...

It wouldn't be the music Jacob would be thinking about, watching this little video, but which building/tower that you are pointing the camera at.

I had to make a comment on behalf of Jacob


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