Friday, October 24, 2008

Cause yr hot then yr cold/ yr yes then yr no

I found my nose ring.
The ring was in Finnian's bed from one of the many nights I have slept in there this past week. Blaise is in our bed and I cannot sleep with him and Joe very well as Blaise kicks me and hits me and at least once a night punches me in the face.
I find it easy to sleep with Finn though. He wraps his little self around me and holds my face. It is lovely. I love it because we have not been getting along so well lately. He has really been a pill. But, when he sleeps he is perfect. It helps some.

I sent him to Grandma's last night bc I was seriously at my wits end with him and after my bath I went into his quiet room and sat on his bed and missed him. I put my head on his pillow and rested in my towel. I felt something jabbing me. It was my nose ring. I am really am his princess after all. He tells me that you see. How can he be so sweet and so wretched in the same day? Will this last a long time?

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Piper of Love said...

When Jackson was a toddler he started telling me I was a beautiful princess. I think he heard 'beautiful princess' on a commercial or something. But I'll never forget that feeling.. being called a beautfil princess by my son.

Magic is the love between mother and son. You're lucky love.

Jodi said...

I know the feeling! Sometimes with Jakob it's minute to minute not day to day! But I do the same thing when he stays overnight with my parents.


Glad you found your nose ring!

village mama said...

You are so intuitive! Giving the two of you a tiny bit of time away sounds like a nourishing/empowering act for both of you. Strong brave mama you are Amy! XO

Liz said...

So freaking sweet!

Sarah @ Ordinary Days said...

I have the same relationship with my middle one. He drives me insane most days but then little moment happen when I can't help but sigh outloud at the amount of love I feel for him. That little booger...

Momo Fali said...

I laughed out loud about something jabbing you...I thought you were going to get all sentimental, like something was jabbing your heart! Funny!

As for the attitude. My daughter started having one at age three, and now that she's almost ten, it's much, much worse. Sorry.

sara said...

I think that boys are worse than girls when they are younger, and get sweeter with age. So hopefully momo fali is not predicting our future! (I say ours since my 3 year old son is the same way...)

It is so SMART to send him to his grammies house when you're at the end of your rope, you've tied the knot and you're still not able to hang on. I HOPE this ends soon - for both of us. My husband said to me today, "At least he has his moments. Even if they ARE fleeting." And I have to agree. I mean, really: what if he was never sweet AT ALL? can you even imagine!?

hope you have a better night tonight!

Anonymous said...

so sweet Amy...i feel the same sometimes, all that frustration during the day then at night, you see their little face asleep or they aren't there in their bed and i am gone.

I can't find my blog said...

I have been at all ages and they all have their good and bad moments. Keep loving him-that's all he really needs.

You are a good mom-don't forget it!


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